June 29, 2011

B1A4 Bling Girl

B1A4's bling girl!effin cute!language is not a barrier!believe me!LOL

June 18, 2011

bad girl goodgirl

bad girl goodgirl

why they hate my blogger?

Today, I'm with Pol and Mara! but i cant understand them why they my cute blog so much!they are so envious and insistence!HAHAHAHA! they are shitheads! why cant they fix their own bloggers? tsk!crazy bitches!

by the way~ enjoy this video!SARANGHAE YOROBEUN!annyeong!^^

June 16, 2011


strawberry loving panda

this is what i LOVE!

[Full HD] 2AM - Like Crazy MV


a song that will make you feel the pain when you hear it. so sad and meaningful!

[M/V] 2AM_잘못했어

it was 2am's "i was wrong" a Korean ballad song that easily captured my mind. the repetition in the chorus can easily touch your heart. It's a soulful song about a man admitting that he did something bad to his girlfriend. it was relaxing ang soulful!^^ it also show 2am'sacting!aegyo~

June 15, 2011


Strawberry Panda

Things I love..cuddly and cute. 
STRAWBERRY,just like our lives,sweetness and sourness compelling each other..But in the end..We'll all know, it6's something lovable and worth it to have a taste.:) 
PANDA,a cute and cuddly creature but you cannot make as a pet..you cant just take it easy like LIFE