December 21, 2011


Xander UKISS’s real name is Alexander Lee Eusebio.

Alexander is the english name of his grandfather Alejandro Eusebio.
Alexander means “warrior”.
Xander is a half Korean, a quarter Portuguese and a quarter Chinese.
Xander was born in Hongkong but was raised in Macau.
His height is 182cm and weighs 63kg.Xander’s father is Anthony Eusebio, an international wine businessman and his mother is Lee Chung Mi.Xander has a sister named Victoria who’s 2 years older than him.Xander’s parents have been together for 38 years and married for 26 years.He is a Communication Arts major and studied in De Anza College in California.Xander knows English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. 7 languages in total.Xander is a swimmer. He plays basketball and volleyball too.Xander wears contact lens and eyeglasses.Xander’s favorite flavor of ice cream would be Rocky Road.Xander is a fan of Dragonball Z, Batman and Ultraman.Xander has 4 piercings.Xander owns 2 phones, an Android and a Samsung Anycall from the time he came to Korea.Xander was discovered by NHmedia president in a fitness center in Hongkong where Xander is working.Alexander loves Lee Hyo Ri and Sandara Park.Alexander is a Christian.Xander has a driver’s license.Xander loves to communicate with other people, loves to eat, to travel, to study and to take picturesHe loves to watch movies too, together with UKISS. Xander’s favorite color is White.Alexander never had a girlfriend.Xander always wears a cross silver ring on his left middle finger. It’s with him since highschool.Younha, Choi Si Won, Amber Liu, Ida Simmons ( ISAK ) and Brian Joo are his celebrity friends.He usually ties up his hair every rehearsals.Xander listens to Lady Gaga.He liked N-Syncn all of girl groups, Xander likes 2NE1 the most.Xander always have his mp3 with him.Man Man Hani would be his favorite among their songs.Xander starred in a teenage gambling CF before his debut.Xander’s family thought that he would be part of Paran.Alexander loves Adobo! He even said that he wants to name his son Adobo.Xander said he wants to get married at his 28’s-30’s.Xander is the most hardworking member of UKISS and said to be the one who acts clean.Alexander prefers to be called Xander than Alex.Xander has the most phone numbers of girl groups.Xander’s most prize possession is his UNICEF scarf, for he loves to give warm to others.Xander loves bread.Alexander is hygienic. He always have breath gums, dental floss, deodorant and perfume with him.Xander doesn’t know how to use speed dial.Alexander hates penguins when he was young.He listens to Sammi Cheng and Stephen Chow would be his favorite HK actor.Xander’s dream is to be a best MC, he wishes to host Miss Universe. Xander is the moodmaker of UKISS because of his bright personality.Xander is Dongho’s tutor, he’s really smart for having 3.97 GWA out of 4.00. Based on the other members, Alexander is the easiest member to be pranked by others
Alexander is the oldest, but he’s the one who looks immature
Xander never lost hope in his dream of becoming a famous singer in the land of his mother, Korea.
Xander later went on to study Spanish, which was easy because it was a derivative of Portuguese.
Xander also took private lessons in French and Japanese with his sister.
Xander’s hobbies are Watching Movies, Photoshooting and Listening to music.
When Alexander is on trip he always listens to the latest kpop songs
Xander once put 15 candy balls into his mouth
Xander wants to have a date while barbecuing with U-Kiss
Alexander is a big fan of “How Come” by BEG
Alexander is a good friend with Younha, Brian Joo and Siwon (SJ)
“We always take pictures and videos whenever we are on tour.. It is for us to remember and cherish all our memories” - Xander.
Xander has Xander Effects where no one will laugh at his joke [it will turn quiet]
Alexander attended High School in the United States
Xander once sang “I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME” of Barney to his members. — LOL!
Xander cried a lot watching the movie Titanic
How did Xander and Kevin got close to each other? — Their both addicted to taking photos of themselves.
Xander loves attending Sunday masses.
Xander loves dancing to 2NE1’s FIRE.
Xander once locked KiBum and Kevin in a cabinet.
Xander is DongHo’s math tutor.
Xander was not that good writing and spelling in Hangul
Kevin, Xander and Eli converse in English most of the times.
Xander and Kevin gets over excited when they know that they are filming for some reality shows.
Xander prefers being called as a cat rather than a crazy monkey.
“Whatever you do, do not lose hope. Keep fighting. Giving up is not good.” — Xander.
Xander picks Kim Hee-chul if he was a girl & asked to date a suju member..coz he think he is romantic but with a sense of humor
Xander thinks of u-kiss as family so he thinks he gotta introduce her girlfriend to them if he have one
Kevin and Xander’s most memorable memory for 2009 is becoming a part of the pops in seoul family ^^
Xander,Kevin and Eli talking about cheating. Xander: yeah im the alibi-type Eli: just dont cheat! Kevin: Just dont get caught
Xander said that when he was young, he was kinda like fat and chubby so no one likes him
Alexander and Kevin used to live nearby each other before.
Xander loves styling his hair. He loves tying them up in a girly way. LOL.

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