April 17, 2012

Male Idol Hobbies

A list of hobbies and specialties of male idols.

Languages are not included in this list due to the fact we already have a list for idols who are multilingual.

* This list is still in-progress and will have many more singers/actresses added in the near future.

- Baekkyoung: piano, saxophone, collecting cologne, collecting CDs
- Danny: sports, watching movies, listening to music
- Jinhwan: drums, video games, collecting hip-hop stuff, dancing
- Teddy: rapping, guitar, listening to music

- Changmin: video games
- Jinwoon: drums, bass, guitar, basketball
- Jokwon: internet, watching movies, listening to music
- Seulong: shopping, watching movies, singing

- Chansung: listening to music, exercising, video games
- Junho: listening to music, watching movies, composing, reading, fashion, internet
- Junsu: composing, fashion, shopping, collecting shoes and accessories, writing, singing
- Nichkhun: piano, exercising, listening to music, watching movies, photography
- Taecyeon: listening to music, skiing, wake-boarding
- Wooyoung: dancing, listening to music, internet

- Hwarang: listening to music, aikido, taekwondo
- Kangwoo: watching movies, soccer

- Sasya: composing, writing lyrics, guitar, keyboard, drums, listening to music

- Byeonghun: listening to music, breakdancing
- Changwoo: reading novels and inspirational quotes, soccer, baseball, smiling
- Dongho: swimming, photography, window shopping, cello, ballet, walking
- Doohwan: singing, biking, dancing, exercising, reading
- Geonhee: internet, listening to movie soundtracks
- Hoyeong: basketball, acting, taekwondo
- Hyunsung: walking, kendo, watching music videos
- Jaewon: reading, shopping, kendo, photography
- Jinhong: watching movies, listening to music, hiking
- Jinwoo: watching movies, listening to music, rapping, exercising
- Sehyun: soccer, musical instruments
- Seunghwan: internet, shopping, rapping, writing lyrics, design, mountain climbing, violin
- Seunghyuk: watching movies, table tennis, badminton
- Seunghyun: exercising, reading
- Sungho: kendo, soccer, swimming, impersonations
- Sungwoo: wtching movies, listening to music, drums, bass guitar
- Taewoo: walking, photography
- Wanchul: watching movies, listening to movies, travelling, going to museums
- Yeongwon: watching movies repeatedly, listening to music repeatedly
- Yeongwook: listening to music, dancing, choreography, beat-boxing
- Yuchang: composing, writing lyrics, photography, listening to hip-hop

- Haiming: watching movies, acting
- Hanbyul: listening to music, composing, singing, reading fanfics
- Ingyu: singing, beatboxing, popping, taekwondo, swimming, rapping, composing, basketball
- Jangmoon: piano, video games, exercising, watching movies, snowboarding
- Jungjin: shopping, snowboarding, soccer, listening to music, singing, exercising, video games
- Tomo: exercising, soccer, reading manga

- Daesung: singing, dancing, gags, cooking, beatboxing
- G-Dragon: reading, watching cartoons, rapping, dancing, beatboxing, fashion, composing, writing lyrics, drawing
- Seungri: singing, dancing, learning languages
- Taeyang: listening to music, watching TV, singing, dancing, gardening
- T.O.P: rapping, beatboxing, composing, fashion, acting

Block B- B-Bomb: dancing, piano, collecting fashion photoshoots
- Jaehyo: singing, basketball, baseball, business affairs
- Kyung: rapping, composing, internet
- P.O: rapping, composing, acting
- Taeil: singing, collecting hats, raising tropical fish
- U-Kwon: watching movies, listening to music, dancing, reading, guitar
- Zico: freestyle rapping, composing, weaving melody lines, shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Brown Eyed Soul
- Jungyeop: collecting stamps
- Noeul: drawing, collecting CDs, watching movies
- Seonghoon: piano, collecting coupons
- Youngjoon: reading comics, watching movies, basketball, judo, taekwondo, cooking

CN Blue
- Jonghyun: judo, sports, listening to music
- Jungshim: rapping, listening to music, bass
- Minhyuk: soccer, basketball, flute
- Yonghwa: listening to music, beatboxing, clarinet

Code V
- Jaewon: rapping
- Naro: internet, listening to music, piano, singing
- Sangwoo: watching movies, reading, piano, judo, taekwondo
- Sol: singing, watching movies
- Taemin: rapping, dancing, beat-boxing

- Crown J: exercising, watching movies, snowboarding, producing and composing music

Danielwatching movies, graffitiDay Daywriting, translating, rapping in EnglishInatireading, actingJisumidi, pianoYoungwonwatching movies, dancing

- Jungwook: watching movies
- Nuri: traveling, reading, listening to music, rap, working out
- Oh Song: listening to music, producing
- Sungwoo: watching movies, working out

Fly to the Sky
Brianwatching movies, chatting online, collecting cologne, basketball, rappingHwanheelistening to music, watching movies, basketball, dancing, video games

Dannydriving, listening to music, reading comics, skiingHoyoungskiing, basketball, watching movies, dancing, rappingJunhyungsurfing, skaetboarding, snowboarding, martial artsKyesangvideo games, listening to music, watching movies, repairing broken thingsTaewoolistening to music, watching movies, dancing

LED Apple
- Hanbyul: voice impersonations, snowboarding, basketball, soccer
- Hyoseok: golf, basketball
- Keonu: composing, writing lyrics
- Kwangyeon: basketball, soccer
- Kyumin: soccer, piano
- Youngjun: thinking alone, basketball

M.I.B- 5zic: listening to music, writing lyrics, movement
- Cream: listening to music,
watching movies, rapping, beatboxing, writing lyrics
- Kangnam: watching movies, guitar, piano, composing, surfing, snowboarding, exercising, vocal exercises
- SIMS: watching movies, rapping, writing lyrics

- Black J: listening to music, dancing, beatboxing, shopping, soccer, basketball
- Byeol: listening to music, dancing, piano, reading, reading manga
- Eunho: acting, dancing, singing, rapping, composing, writing lyrics
- J.Heart: listening to music, watching movies, rapping, dancing, singing, sports, nagging at the members
- Jonguk: acting, shopping, playing with his dog, sleeptalking

Rain: listening to music, watching movies, shopping, basketball, swimming
SE7ENlistening to music, dancing, singing, basketball, snowboarding, swimming

Jonghyunwatching movies, singing, writing lyrics, piano, composingKeyrapping, dancing, shopping, water skiingMinhosoccer, basketball, performingOnewsinging, pianoTaeminlistening to music, dancing, popping, piano

Andyexercising, dancing, basketball, pianoDongwanguitar, piano, snowboarding, in-line skating, watching movies, internet, going for walksEricrapping, snowboarding, clarinet, saxophone, drawing, video games, fishing, basketball, swimming, drivingHyesungtaekwondo, singing, cooking, drivingJunjinguitar, drums, tumbling, dancing, pool, video games, drivingMinwoodancing, golf, listening to music, piano, guitar

Hyungjun: swimming, piano, dancing, singingHyunjungpiano, guitar, dancing, actingJungmintap dancing, singing, actingKyujongmagic tricks, singing, dancingYoungsaeng: piano, singing, dancing

Super Junior
Donghaedancing, exercising, singing, watching moviesEunhyukdancing, exercising, listening to musicHeechulwriting poetry, writing fairytales, video gamesHenry (Super Junior M sub-unit)dancing, popping, singing, violinKanginacting, singing, kick boxing, swimmingKibumactingKyuhyunsinging, listening to music, watching movies, video gamesLeeteukpiano, composing, listening to music, singingRyeowooksinging, composingSiwonacting, singing, dancing, taekwondo, drumsShindonggags, dancingSungminmartial arts, acting, watching moviesYesungsinging, listening to music, exercisingZhou Mi (Super Junior M sub-unit)listening to music, singing, hosting

- Da On: acting, watching movies, beatboxing
- Gunwoo: listening to music, rapping, writing lyrics
- Seungyeol: listening to music, running
- Sungwon: piano, cooking, beatboxing
- Taehyuk: dancing, swimming
- Yujun: listening to music, impersonations

Teen Top
C.A.Pgraphic design, drawing, exercising, writing lyrics, rappingChangjocomposing choreography, dancing, listening to music, martial artsChunjipuzzles, reading, imitationsL.Joepiano, violin, composing, actingNielsoccer, listening to musicRickywatching movies, piano, acting

Chanyang: Hanbi: Junbasketball, snowboarding, video gamesMinchultaking weird pictures, fashion, watching movies, surfing

Dabinsinging, dancingHanjunguitar, singing, dancing, acting, composingJunyongacting, dancing, singingMinseokdancing, popping, beatboxingSunwoongbasketball, soccer, pianoSunyongacting, soccerYounghunrapping, swimming

AJcomputer games, travelling, pianoDonghosoccer, golf, baseball, listening to music, dancing, knittingElitaekwondo, kung fu, listening to music, watching movies, video gamesHoon: taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball and acting
Kevinguitar, piano, listening to music, composing, readingKiseopphotography, video games, listening to music, taekwondo, popping, beatboxingSoohyunsoccer, dance, piano, exercising, listening to music, video games
Wheesung: singing, reading manga, watching anime


Dongjunsoccer, exercising, gymnastics, abusing older ZE:A membersHeechulwatching movies, trumpet, soccer, video gamesHyungshikfencing, skiing, video games, singingJunyoungbowling, soccer, watching movies, video games, running, impersonationsKevin: composing, shopping online, video games, cooking, rappingKwangheephotography, scuba diving, gags, fashion, bugging the living shit out of SiwanMinwoodancing, cooking, shoppingSiwanviolin, fashion, shopping, skiing, snowboardingTaehun: rapping, beatboxing, exercising, listening to music, watching movies

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